DSAN update April 2019

By Michael Sullivan

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Michael Sullivan is the Chair of the Down Syndrome Advisory Network for DSA and a seasoned advocate with extensive experience for people with an intellectual disability. Here he gives us an update on the work that DSAN has been doing as well as a brilliant insight into how people can properly include the voices of people with Down syndrome by getting out the way!

‘I think learning to listen to and value the opinions of people with Down syndrome is really important. A lot of parents of people with Down syndrome do advocacy and I think they can fall into the habit of thinking they know best. And often they have great ideas and opinions, but we also need hear from those of us who have the actual lived experience of Down syndrome.’

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Bonus content

See some photos from the recent face to face meeting where the members discussed the current resources being produced by DSA and received a great self-advocacy training workshop from NSW Council for Intellectual Disability.

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