All aboard the Leeuwin

By Anna Gray

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Anna Gray, 22, had the fantastic opportunity to spend four nights and five days aboard the tall ship Leeuwin off the coast of Western Australia. She knew no one on board before she sailed but made firm friends and had the time of her life. This article is her account of the adventure.


‘On day three in the afternoon we all had a go at climbing the mast. I was sooo scared. Cody was beside me the whole way and told me it would be scary for a bit, but I would get the hang of it! I asked him if I was going to die and he said there was nothing to be worried about because I had a harness and he told me I could do it. I climbed up to the platform and touched it. I felt really happy and excited and everyone clapped and cheered for me because I was really brave. I was really proud of myself. ‘

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The STS Leeuwin II is the largest sail-training ship in Australia based in Freemantle, Western Australia. It is owned and operated by Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation who is a Registered Accredited Provider of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

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On Tuesday June 4, 2019, Anna Gray also had the opportunity to appear on the ABC show The Recording Studio with her high school friend Lucinda Nicholls. They celebrated their friendship by recording their favourite song with some of the country’s greatest music talent.

Anna and Lucinda spoke to Voice editor Leticia Hodson about the experience.