Down Syndrome Advisory Network

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The Down Syndrome Advisory Network was developed in 2017 to bring the lived experience of Down syndrome to the work DSA does. The network meets monthly via teleconference to discuss issues and resources and provide direct advice to the DSA board.

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‘Andrew says that being a part of DSAN is a lifetime goal for him. He has done lots of public speaking before and is a member of a lot of clubs. He likes being on committees and enjoys doing paperwork and computer work. He wants people to learn more about Down syndrome by hearing the things he has to say about himself.

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Elizabeth Shelley is from the ACT. She works part time at the Big Green Cup café and enjoys gym, swimming and looking after her dogs Queenie and Ace. She is also a big Raiders fan and goes to all of their home games. She likes making people laugh and being with positive people who have a good sense of humour.


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