Making change

By Dr Ellen Skladzien

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Dr Ellen Skladzien is the CEO of Down Syndrome Australia and in this article she explains what systemic advocacy looks like in a practical sense. Ellen takes a step by step process through the way a peak body tackles a major issue and fights for change to benefit members.

‘Down Syndrome Australia is the policy and systemic advocacy arm of the Down syndrome federation. Our purpose is to influence social and policy change, and provide a national profile and voice for people with Down syndrome in Australia.

People often wonder what does that really mean? What do we do to achieve change? What does systemic advocacy look like in a tangible way?’

First published in Voice, April 2018.

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In the print journal this article was accompanied by a summary of individual advocacy by Mary Mallett, the CEO of Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) who talked about the pressure advocacy organisations are currently under in terms of funding to provide essential services to people who need them the most.

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