Being driven to learn

By Anna Brooks

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Anna Brooks is an independent education and learning consultant based in the outer east of Melbourne. She has been working with Cailan Ford on her goal to get her learner’s permit. This fantastic article goes into great detail of the strategies and techniques that Anna has used with Cailan, but more importantly, it shows that a lot of the value in reaching a goal comes from the path taken to get there. Anna and Cailan let go of the outcome of the goal and focused on the skills she learnt along the way.

‘Most of the learning projects we have worked on together have been necessary things like school work and self-care skills. But the decision to study for her learner permit was all hers. It seemed like a big project and both Cailan’s parents and I were worried about setting her up for a lot of work leading to no reward.‘

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Cailan was a part of DSA’s World Down Syndrome Day campaign talking about what makes her proud.

Check out her story here and follow her Facebook page by clicking the image.

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