November 2016 - Independence


The November 2016 issue of Voice had a range of different articles that covered the path to independent living for people with Down syndrome.

Starting with handy tips for promoting independence in the very young right up to considerations for moving out of home.

This issue also discussed how to choose the right early intervention service for you, protective behaviours and a discussion of endocrine conditions for people with Down syndrome.

and make sure you get all the articles from each issue

July 2016 - Inclusion


Inclusion and representation matter. It’s important for people with Down syndrome to be seen and valued in all areas of the community.

In the July 2016 issue, we covered inclusion in schools, the workplace and the media. We also had an insight into taking a stand against discrimination and advocating for change to the language doctors use when discussing Down syndrome.

A terrific inclusion in this issue was the story of how DSANT supports their members in regional and remote areas of the outback.

March 2016 - Relationships


In March 2016 we explored the different types of relationships that we have from friendships, to love and even parenthood.

Having healthy and meaningful connections to other people is important for everyone so in this issue we took a look at how to maintain healthy relationships with friends as well as intimate partners. We also looked at ways to address some challenging behaviours from young children too.

A highlight of this issue was the story from America of Patti White who supported her daughter with Down syndrome to have a child of her own.